What Swim Cap Did Michael Phelps Wear?

If you are looking for a swim cap like Michael Phelps’, you have come to the right place. The MP Michael Phelps X-O is designed to minimize drag and slip-free during races.

It features dual density construction to keep it wrinkle free and hydrodynamic.

Here’s more about the swim caps that Michael Phelps wore when he competed.

Aqua Sphere

The Aqua Sphere swim cap is one of the most iconic caps in swimming. It was worn by Michael Phelps and other top athletes. The company relied on their feedback and suggestions for product development and converted them into working products. Among other accomplishments, Phelps has achieved three of the fastest FINA legal textile times.

The Aqua Sphere swim cap was developed to mimic Phelps’s head shape. Its design features a unique system for managing hair. It is made of silicone and will hold Phelps’ hair in place in the water.


Michael Phelps’ self-branded “MP” swim cap split in half when he pulled it over his head at the Rio Games. It’s an unfortunate moment for the Olympian, but his friend and Speedo sponsor Conor Dwyer was quick to step in and offer his cap.

Speedo has had great success with its jammer suits. They reduce drag and are air-permeable. The suits also help athletes to go faster. After the 2008 Olympics, Speedo redesigned their wetsuit and created a “racing system” that combines the swimsuit, goggles, and a swim cap. The new suit is designed to reduce drag, which is a major concern for athletes.


A latex swim cap may not be the best choice for everyone. The inner part tends to wrinkle easily and causes more drag than a silicone cap. The outer silicone cap also keeps the shape better and prevents the swimmer from losing the shape of their head. Still, some swimmers prefer a single latex cap.

These caps fit most heads, but long hair can be problematic. The latex part of the swim cap can “grab” hair during putting it on or taking it off. If swimmers have long hair, this can be quite uncomfortable, but swimmers eventually get used to it. In addition, latex swim caps can cause body temperature to rise during warm water, preventing swimmers from cooling down when in the water.


Swimming cap is a common accessory worn by swimmers during competitive events. Most swimmers wear two swim caps during a meet. The first one is a tight-fitting lycra cap that pushes hair down and smooths the dome. It also covers the goggle straps. The second cap is usually made of silicone, which helps to reduce drag in the water. The swimmers who shave their heads sometimes wear two caps.

Unlike many swim caps, Michael Phelps wears a silicone swim cap. It is made from 100% silicone, which is elastic and long-lasting. Designed to prevent water from entering the cap, this cap is approved by the International Swimming Federation FINA and meets international standards.


The Aqua Sphere “MP” swim cap was made for Michael Phelps, and is shaped like his head. It has a special dual-density construction that keeps it from slipping or causing drag during races. Moreover, the cap is completely hydrodynamic and wrinkle-free.

It is also known to be more comfortable than other swim caps. A typical lycra cap is made of mesh cloth that is comfortable to wear. While it does not prevent your hair from getting damaged by chlorine, it does offer extra warmth for those who like to swim in warmer temperatures.


The self-branded swim cap worn by Michael Phelpes at the Rio Olympics has been making the rounds in the media. While many people assume that Phelps is wearing a Speedo swimsuit, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the cap is actually self-branded by Phelps himself. Phelps helped Aqua Sphere come up with its MP line, which includes a range of swimwear products featuring the athlete’s initials.

The “MP” swim cap has several features based on feedback from Phelps. One of them is that it crosses the ear of the swimmer on one side. This allows the swimmer to hear the roar of the crowd. It is likely that Phelps will be wearing a cap with his own logo in Austin this month.

U.S. flag

While the Olympic Games are all about the athletes, Phelps has broken one of the rules about flag etiquette by wearing a U.S. flag swim cap. Traditionally, the flag is worn on one side of the swimmer’s cap, with the stars facing forward. That way, the flag looks as if it’s waving in the wind as the swimmer moves forward.

Phelps has been to the medal stand 22 times and heard the Star-Spangled Banner 18 times, but he has never made it to the opening ceremony in the four previous Olympics. He had always been too busy protecting his legs. Phelps has said that this may be his last Olympics, but he was honored to be recognized by his fellow athletes.

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