Gear Reviews

Over the years we have had a chance to try just about every piece of swimming gear on the planet. Below is a collection of reviews and the pros and cons of the most popular swimming gear on the pool deck.

Best Open Water Swimming Goggles

6 Best Open Water Swim Goggles (and How to Choose the Right Ones)

We tested over 40 swim goggles to bring you the best swim goggles for open water swimming goggles and triathlons ...
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Best Swim Paddles for Swim Training

The 5 Best Swim Paddles (Plus Benefits and How to Choose)

Looking to up your swimming? Check out our guide to the best swim paddles, highlighting the pros and cons of ...
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Best Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles

The Best Anti-Fog Swim Goggles for Lap Swimming

It's hard to keep your cool when your goggles are fogged up like a hot car window. No worries! We've ...
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Magic5 Swim Goggles Review – World’s Most Comfortable Swim Goggles?

The Magic5 Swim Goggles are a revolutionary swim goggle that promise to eliminate leaks when swimming. But do they live ...
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When Should Beginners Start Using Swim Paddles

When Should Beginners Start Using Swim Paddles?

Before you begin using swim paddles, you should know that your coach will determine what size paddle you should use ...
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What are the Different Types of Swim Paddles

What are the Different Types of Swim Paddles?

There are a few different types of swim paddles available on the market. Some are full-sized, while others are just ...
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How to Use Swim Paddles

How to Use Swim Paddles

Swim paddles can help you catch more water and take fewer strokes per length. They also help you strengthen your ...
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Latex vs Silicone Swim Caps

What’s the Difference Between Latex and Silicone Swim Caps?

Silicone and latex swim caps are very similar in many ways, but the key difference between the two is the ...
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Should a Swim Cap Be Wet When You Put it On

Should a Swim Cap Be Wet When You Put It On?

Whether you have voluminous or dry hair, it's important to wet your hair before putting on a swim cap. The ...
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Do Swim Caps Help You Swim Faster

Does a Swim Cap Help You Swim Faster?

A swim cap can be a great accessory if you're trying to increase your swimming speed. These caps can be ...
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