How to Clean Swim Goggles

If you want to keep your swimming goggles in tip-top shape, learn how to clean swim goggles. You can use baby shampoo, alcohol wipes, or FOGGIES anti-fog towelettes. Read on for tips and tricks. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is!

Just follow these simple steps and your goggles will be sparkling and ready for your next swim session! And you can be sure to keep them looking their best for many years to come!

Cleaning with baby shampoo

If you’re looking for a simple way to clean your goggles, you should consider using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s designed for babies, so it doesn’t make them water, which is important to avoid if you wear goggles in the water. To clean them, simply mix about one teaspoon of baby shampoo with ten parts water and spray the goggles. Rinse them with water to remove any residual baby shampoo.

A solution of three tablespoons of borax and one cup of warm water will clean your goggles without scratching their lenses. To clean the goggles effectively, you should saturate the lenses with the solution and allow them to soak for about 15 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with warm tap water, and use a soft lens cloth to dry them. You can also use a solution of baby shampoo or hair conditioner mixed with liquid dishwashing soap in a 4:1 ratio. Then, spray the inside and outside lenses with the mixture and allow them to dry.

Another alternative to cleaning your goggles with baby shampoo is saliva. The anti-fog coating on these goggles can be damaged by saliva, and swimming is more difficult if your goggles become foggy. However, using saliva can help you remove the fog from your goggles. Another solution to clean goggles with baby shampoo is to dip a Q-tip into the mixture and apply it all over the frames. Allow your goggles to air dry before putting them back in your swim bag.

Cleaning with alcohol wipes

If you do not want to spend money on purchasing new swim goggles, you can clean them yourself using a solution of vinegar and water.

Alternatively, you can soak your goggles in the vinegar solution for about two hours before washing them with cold water. After the cleaning process, rinse the swim goggles well and place them back in their box. You can also buy eyeglass cleaners that can help you clean your goggles.

Before you clean your goggles, remove any gaskets or lenses. You should also take them off and let them air dry. Manually drying the goggles will stretch the straps and cause them to snap. You may also notice some scratches on the lens. To prevent this problem, take care to clean the goggles thoroughly. Always make sure the straps and lenses are clean before you rinse them.

To keep your swim goggles in top condition, make sure you clean them properly before using them. Alcohol wipes are widely used for cleaning eyeglasses and safety glasses. After using alcohol wipes, wipe them gently on the lenses in a circular motion. Be sure to wipe the inner part of the lenses as well, as dirt particles can get inside. Afterwards, you can wipe the glass with a soft lint-free cloth to remove any streaks.

Cleaning with FOGGIES anti-fog towelettes

You may be surprised to know that a single anti-fog towelette can be used to clean lenses and goggles at the same time. This revolutionary product was created and tested by athletes and is perfect for swimming goggles, snowboarding goggles, cycling or running lenses, and scuba masks. However, it can be used for other types of visors as well, including industrial ones. It cleans quickly and leaves your lens and goggles clear and sparkling, and it’s safe to use multiple times.

To clean swim goggles with a Foggies anti-fog towelette, remove any residue and wipe them with a soft cloth. The wipes should also be soaked in water before use to prevent further fogging. You can also clean the lenses with toothpaste, which is highly effective for removing dirt and debris. Afterward, simply wipe the goggles with a soft cloth and allow them to air-dry.

If you don’t have anti-fog towelettes, you can use shaving cream. Shaving cream is thicker than shampoo, but still provides the same anti-fog protection. Apply a small amount to the goggles before rinsing them in the sink or the shower, and then rinse them thoroughly. You can also use hair conditioner, which has a similar effect.