How to Keep Swim Goggles From Fogging

Do you often have to deal with fogged swim goggles?

You may want to try some of these suggestions to keep your glasses from fogging up. If they’re a bit too tight around your eyes, you may want to try anti-fog sprays or saliva.

In addition, you might want to consider sitting a bit further away from your face.

Regardless of what method you decide to try, it’s always better to avoid the problem than to suffer through the effects of fogging goggles.

Anti-fog spray

If you’ve ever experienced swim goggle fogging, you know how annoying it can be. But there are some simple tips you can follow to keep your goggles fog-free, no matter what time of day it is. Use an anti-fog spray on your swimming goggles and enjoy your swim session! Moreover, you can also try spitting in the water or applying baby-shampoo on your goggles.

Using an anti-fog spray will help you stay focused when swimming. Whether it’s a swimming pool or freshwater pool, you can apply it on your swim goggles to prevent them from fogging. Then, rinse your goggles quickly in fresh or pool water to rinse off the anti-fog solution. If the goggles still fog, you can reapply anti-fog spray to prevent them from fogging again.

There are many types of anti-fog spray available for use on swim goggles. Using SWANS or other anti-fog spray will prevent your goggles from fogging. Make sure to rinse them under water immediately after using it to prevent chemicals from getting into your eyes. The anti-fog coating will last a longer time if you rinse them under water after using the spray. Some scuba divers also recommend using toothpaste to defog their goggles. The toothpaste will prevent condensation from forming on the lenses.


If you’ve ever had a pair of swim goggles that fog up, you’ve probably wondered how to keep them clear. While commercial antifog solutions are a good choice, some swimmers swear by saliva, a natural solution that prevents the lenses from fogging. Some people even use toothpaste or baby shampoo to avoid fogging while swimming. It might sound a little gross, but it’s a proven method that keeps your goggles from fogging.

The first trick is very simple: spit on them. Not only does saliva help keep swim goggles fog free, it also helps prevent swimmers from getting foreign objects in their eyes. When you spit on your goggles, a layer of water forms on the lens, preventing condensation. Using saliva in your goggles may sound embarrassing, but it works! Spit is free, so it’s definitely worth trying. If you’re worried about contaminating the goggles, however, you can try some anti-fog sprays.

Another solution is baby shampoo. Many swimmers use this product, spreading a small amount on the lens before rinsing them off. Baby shampoo has a clear film that prevents condensation on your goggles, so you’ll be less likely to end up spitting in your eyes. This method also removes chlorine, which is harmful to your eyes. In addition to using baby shampoo, many swimmers carry a small bottle of baby shampoo with them. To clean their goggles with the help of baby shampoo, they simply insert a few drops into the lenses of their swim goggles and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Rinsing the goggles afterwards leaves a clean, transparent film on the lenses.

Sitting further away from your face

Most swimmers wash their swim goggles after swimming. While this can be effective, spitting into your goggles is distracting. This method is not recommended for competitive meets. If you are concerned about spitting into your goggles, you can use hair conditioner or baby shampoo. These solutions are gentle on your goggles and can help prevent fogging. They can be effective during 15 minutes of hard swimming, though they may not last for that long.

A common cause of fogging swimming goggles and diving masks is condensation. The same process occurs when a cold glass or mirror comes into contact with warm air. This moisture condenses into water droplets. As a result, swimming goggles fog up. There are several ways to prevent this from happening. The most obvious way is to sit further away from your face during swimming.

Another quick anti-fog solution is shaving cream. It is thicker than toothpaste or shampoo, but has the same anti-fog effect. Use a soft towel to wipe your goggles afterward to remove any leftover shaving cream. Rinsing them in the shower or sink afterward is another way to keep your swim goggles fog-free. Just be sure not to get soap or shampoo in your goggles.