How Long Do Swim Goggles Last?

How Long Do Swim Goggles Last

How long do swim goggles last? That’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself if you are a regular swimmer or a competitive athlete. If you regularly swim, your swim goggles will last longer than someone who just swims a few times in the summer. If you’re not a regular swimmer, however, … Read more

Who Invented Swimming Goggles?

Who Invented Swim Goggles

The question of who invented swim goggles is a perennial one. Many have put the invention down to Fr Michael O’Flanagan, but there are a few others who deserve mention, too. Here are the three men responsible for bringing the swimming helmet to life. And while these men had a … Read more

What Swim Goggles Did Michael Phelps Use?

What Goggles Does Michael Phelps Use

If you’re a fan of Michael Phelps, you might be wondering what goggles he wears in the pool. There are several different options available and you’ll want to choose the best pair for you based on your own preferences and budget. These include the TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Polarized … Read more

How to Fix Leaky Swim Goggles

How to Fix Leaky Swim Goggles

If your swim goggles are leaking, the first thing you should do is check the seal. Sometimes, dust, sand, or hair can get stuck in the seal. Try to remove this material, and the seal should be able to hold. If the problem persists, try adjusting the head strap. If … Read more

How to Size Swim Goggles

How to Size Swim Goggles

If you’re unsure how to size swim goggles, there are several things you should look for. Adjustable nose pieces and double or split straps are common features, while anti-fog coating is also essential. Check the instructions that came with your swim goggles and follow them carefully to get the best fit. … Read more