When Should Beginners Start Using Swim Paddles?

When Should Beginners Start Using Swim Paddles

Before you begin using swim paddles, you should know that your coach will determine what size paddle you should use. Paddle sizes can vary by 10% or more, and different swim paddle styles are intended to focus on different aspects of your stroke. There are three general sizes that you … Read more

What are the Different Types of Swim Paddles?

What are the Different Types of Swim Paddles

There are a few different types of swim paddles available on the market. Some are full-sized, while others are just for your wrist or finger. Choosing the best swim paddle will depend on how you use it, but you should always look for a full-sized paddle that includes straps to … Read more

How to Use Swim Paddles

How to Use Swim Paddles

Swim paddles can help you catch more water and take fewer strokes per length. They also help you strengthen your top catch and your grip in the water. They also help prevent the paddle from falling off your hands and promote a full pulling motion. Whether you’re using paddles to … Read more

Should a Swim Cap Be Wet When You Put It On?

Should a Swim Cap Be Wet When You Put it On

Whether you have voluminous or dry hair, it’s important to wet your hair before putting on a swim cap. The cap is designed to fit over wet hair, so dry hair will cause more friction. If your hair is dry, you should spend more time moisturizing it. Wet your hair … Read more

Does a Swim Cap Help You Swim Faster?

Do Swim Caps Help You Swim Faster

A swim cap can be a great accessory if you’re trying to increase your swimming speed. These caps can be eye-catching, waterproof, or even have ear bands. They can also protect your hair from the pool’s green chemicals. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of wearing swim caps, as … Read more